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Rails Menu Visibility Filters

Menu Visibility Filters allow a brand to specify the availability of categories, products, and modifiers based on the ordering platform. Menu Visibility Filters are managed within the Company Menu and cannot be customized on a store-by-store basis. Categories, products, and modifiers between the following platforms:

  • Branded Ordering Channels — Olo desktop, mobile, and apps plus 3rd party front-ends

  • Rails Marketplaces — All marketplaces on Rails (filters cannot be applied per individual marketplace)

Disclaimer: Filtering out items that currently exist on marketplaces will make them immediately unorderable, but still visible on the marketplace. To mitigate order failures, notify your marketplace partners of upcoming menu changes. 



Once menu filters are surfaced in Company Menu Admin, follow these steps to configure visibility settings for a category, product, or modifier. Note: Products inherit visibility settings from the category and category settings override any underlying product visibility. Similarly, modifiers inherit visibility settings from the product.

Set Filters for Category

Navigate to the category in Company Menu Admin:

  1. Select Edit Category
  2. Under Category Visibility, check/uncheck eligible platforms for the category
  3. Click Save

Set Filters for Product

Navigate to the product in Company Menu Admin:

  1. Select Edit Product
  2. Under Product Visibility, check/uncheck eligible platforms for the product
  3. Click Save

Set Filters for Modifier

Navigate to the modifier in Company Menu Admin:

  1. Select Edit Modifier
  2. Under Modifier Visibility, check/uncheck eligible platforms for the modifier
  3. Click Save


Example: Display menu items only on the Rails marketplace

Foosburgers is a brand using Olo’s branded desktop and mobile sites. They're also working with DoorDash and Postmates on Rails.

Foosburgers exclusively offers Turkey Burger (product) and Milkshakes (category) on DoorDash and Postmates. In Company Menu, Foosburgers unchecks Branded Sites for Turkey Burger and Milkshakes category, the underlying products will also be Rails-only.

  Branded Sites
Desktop, Mobile Web, App
DoorDash, Postmates
Veggie Burger
Turkey Burger
Chocolate Milkshake



Example: Display menu items only on the branded sites

Foosburgers excludes fountain drinks from DoorDash and Postmates to prevent spills during courier transit. All other beverages are available on Rails. To configure this, the Beverages category is set up to allow both Branded Sites and EOP. However, Foosburgers will uncheck EOP for the Fountain Drink product.

Customer will not be able to order Fountain Drinks on DoorDash and Postmates.

  Branded Sites
Desktop, Mobile Web, App
DoorDash, Postmates
Bottled Water
Fountain Drink
Orange Juice

What is the default visibility of a new category or product?

When a category or product is created, it will be available to branded channels and to Rails marketplaces (if you’re working with Rails Partners). As a reminder, categories and products are not available until they are actually added to the Store Menu. 

Can a category include a mix of brand-exclusive or Rails-exclusive products?

Yes, configure the category filter to include both Branded Ordering Channels and Rails - External Ordering Partners (EOPs). Then, select the appropriate visibility settings for each underlying product.


What if I filter on a modifier group with a preselected option?

If a modifier group containing a preselected modifier is filtered out of an ordering platform, the order will be sent to the POS with the preselected option. 


Why can't I basket test specific products or categories?

Rails-exclusive items are not visible in the basket tester. To basket test, add them to your demo vendor with Branded Sites enabled and basket test before adding the product/category to a live store.

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