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FDA - Guide to Updating Proposition 65 Toxic Labels in Dashboard

Olo provides the ability to show menu labels on your online menus. Proposition 65 requires restaurants in the state of California to maintain and update a list of chemicals known to the state to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity. Olo has added the ability for brands to assign a 'Toxic' label to any products or modifiers that have potentially harmful ingredients.

New Proposition 65 Warnings


Getting Started

Dashboard users with Brand access can create labels for menu items. You will also need access to 'Menu Admin - Store Menu' to associate labels to menu items.

In Dashboard under Brand > Disclaimers & Labels > Labels. Brand Managers can add a new label: 


A brand manager can add a new label with the icon Toxic and the code Prop65Toxic. The label text is configurable just like the Sodium Law label so that a brand can have multiple toxic labels:


Once added for the brand, a store menu manager can go into the Store Menu Admin and add the label to any product or modifier: 


Once added, the label will display on the store's menu.


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