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CBS Northstar POS: Configuration for Online Ordering


Brand IT and Maintenance, Deployment Teams


Provides the necessary configuration information to set up CBS Northstar to receive Olo orders.


  • First, Olo will need the Client secret and the Site IDs. You request the secret directly from CBS, asking them to email that to You get the site ID for each site from the ECM under Sites>Sites and groups. It is the GUID on the far right of each line.


  • An Online Menu needs to be created. Every Category where there are Items that you want online needs to be attached to this menu.

  • A Default Area must be in the POS where Online orders are received. Optionally, you can set up separate Areas for Pickup, Delivery, Drive-Thru, and Curbside as needed.

  • In Financial> Alternate Payments, set up an Alternate Payment for Online orders. Olo processes credit cards and gift cards above store so checks come in already paid. Optionally, for balancing against the online credit card payments, you may set up separate Alternate Payments for Olo-Visa, Olo-MC, Olo-Amex, Olo-Discover, and Olo-GiftCard.

  • Edit each Site and on the Integrations tab, Web Ordering API tab, enable Web Ordering and make Available the appropriate Alternate Payments and Areas and set a Default for each.

These configurations need to be deployed and then the order entry service restarted at each store, or the server rebooted, whichever is easier. 

Let CBS know that you are preparing for Olo online ordering as they may need to adjust the endpoint  to expose the correct API to Olo. At the time of this writing, CBS will need to be involved in getting sites showing online.

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