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Transmission Success Rates Report

The Transmission Success Rate report is a new Dashboard report that will provide brand managers with a store by store breakdown of transmission success, as well as error categories for any failures.

The report is located at Reports > Sales & Orders > Transmission Success Rates.


The report provides a ratio for each store for the time period selected as the Transmission Success Rate, and sorts from lowest (least successful) to highest (most successful) to highlight stores that may need attention.

The ratio formula is calculated as: 

[ Successful Orders ] / [ Successful Orders + Pos-Related Failures ] = % Success

Example Report Output

This filters out any other reason that an order might fail and provides a view of order transmission (Point of Sale) related failures.

For the failures, there is a breakout of counts by Failure Category, such as PosMappingError or PosInternalError. Olo categorizes these errors based on the response received from the Point of Sale or lack thereof.

Ensuring a healthy transmission success rate is not only important for guests placing orders on your brand's interfaces but also has a big impact on Rails partners and their customers who are attempting to place orders at your brand!

Failure Category Breakdown

The below definitions for the categories can be different based on the POS. These should help shed some light as to what could be causing transmission success rates to drop but, in many cases, locations may need to dig deeper with their IT teams and with Olo's POS Specialists. The below isn't a comprehensive list but does cover the more commonly seen POS error categories.

is caused when there is a disparity between what is mapped on the Olo Company menu and what the POS is expecting due to the way the menu database exists in POS. If you notice any POSMappingErrors, brands are highly encouraged to run the Brand Mismatch Report and correct any mismatches. If you're not seeing any mismatches, submit a menu support ticket and our team will provide further guidance. 

 is caused when the POS does not respond to Olo when we commit an order within a fixed time. This can be caused by slow machines at the store, poor internet connections, large amounts order data being sent and processed by the store and firewalls in some select cases, among a myriad of other external causes. Olo recommends checking the local network and file server resources (RAM or processor). We've also found that comparing the local setup for a location that is experiencing timeouts with a location that has not experienced any timeouts could prove useful in identifying potential issues. Please note that an order can experience a timeout in either the validation step (when Olo is getting the final pricing, checking connectivity, etc.) or when Olo attempts to commit the order to the POS. If an order fails during the commit step, Olo will email the escalation email for the store to let them know because there is a chance that the order made it to the POS. If the order timeouts during the validation step, it will not trigger an email to the store as a validation call wouldn't result in a store receiving an order. 

is caused when a key piece of the integration cannot be accessed in a running state (e.g. IBER cannot be accessed for the Aloha POS). Olo recommends checking the local ISP, local network stability and local file server resources. Additionally, if this is a Cloud POS, Olo recommends checking with the POS provider for any outages or connection issues.

can be caused by a variety of reasons based on the POS. Olo recommends checking the logs to get more information on the error. Talk with your CSM or submit a ticket to request further insight from the Olo POS team. 

 is more common with some of our Cloud POS systems (Brink, Toast, etc.) and indicates that the POS rejected the order for one reason or another. It could be that an invalid configuration is being used or point to some menu database issues (e.g. we are sending one item for a modifier group but the POS requires at least 2 items). Talk with your CSM or submit a ticket to request further insight from the Olo POS team. 

is a general error bucket that catches errors that may not fit into other categories. Talk with your CSM or submit a ticket to request further insight from the Olo POS team. 

occurs when there is an issue within the POS that causes the issue. This is not a configuration issue on the Olo side. It could be caused, for example, if the POS is unable to assign an order number to the check or if the Olo queue is in use and cannot be accessed. 

POSAccess occurs in cloud POS when Olo is not granted access to to the vendor and cannot commit orders. Common occurrences to this are gateway errors, access denials and timeouts. 



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