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Release Notes - April 29, 2019



Dispatch Settings have been moved so they are now easier to find from the Dashboard homepage


Brands that manually 86 items via Menu Admin can now schedule a date to have those items return to the menu


Updated the Order Summary page to now include customer payment information and payment method details


Mobile Web: Now when brands set up a new mobile website domain customers trying to access the old domain are automatically redirected


Dashboard users can now export POS mappings of active Olo menu items for a store through a new report


Focus: Orders are now passed to the POS with the order fulfillment date included in the order details


Olo Cloud: Brands can now make pricing and availability updates discretely for a single store rather than for all stores at once


Olo Cloud: Brands can now leverage an optional 'ItemDescription' field in the POS data extract and pricing call to associate POS menu items with Olo menu items when mapping


Olo Cloud: Brands can now leverage optional 'LoyaltyReference' and 'LoyaltyCategories' fields exposed in the POS data extract and pricing call to better support loyalty projects


RPOS: Orders can now be submitted with combo items that have been nested under a parent item not mapped to the POS


Silver Pro: Order details now include the card type used for prepaid credit card orders


Brands are now able to create a Rails-only menu modifier

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