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MICROS POS: Setting up an Olo Expo Printer


Technical Teams, Customer Success Teams, and Client's POS programmer   


Many brands have an expo printer but this expo printer does not print any self or server service items, like soup, salad, beverages, etc.  These instructions will explain the process to create an Olo specific expo printer.


This document provides the instructions to create a new virtual printer for Olo orders that contains all items and condiments in the online order.

Step 1: Create the Olo Expo Header

  • Open POS Configurator on the micros server
  • Open the Descriptors area
    • descriptors.png
  • Go to the Headers Tab
  • Click the blue + to add a new header line
  • Type a name in the name field (“Olo Expo” works well)
  • In Header line 1, type in what you want to display as the header for chits for this order device
    • headers_olo_expo.png

Step 2: Create the Olo Expo Order Device

  • Click on the Devices Tab
    • Devices1.png
  • Select the Order Devices area
    • OrderDevices.png
  • Select an open order device and call it “Olo Expo”
    • OloExpoOD.png
  • Select the Olo Expo header that was created in step 1 for the header
  • Select the desired device for the location of where you want this Expo chit to print (ideally the regular Expo for all orders).
  • Select the desired backup device for this printer
  • Select a location for the Check Info to print
    • CheckInfo.png
  • Save your changes (don’t exit) by clicking the green check mark
    • green_check_to_save.png
  • Select the redirection device (the one you created - it should be redirected to itself).
    • Redirection.png
  • Compare and match all other tabs in the order device section for this new Olo Expo and the original Expo printer.
  • Save and exit Order Devices.

Step 3: Enabling this new order device for all print classes

  • Select the Sales Tab
    • Sales.png
  • Select the Print Classes Area
  • Select your new Olo Expo in the remote devices for each and every print class in this area.
    • EnablingOloExpo_PC.png
  • Once this order device has been enabled for ALL print classes, save and exit.

Step 4: Enabling this new order device for Olo Orders

  • Select the Devices Tab
    • Devices1.png
  • Select the User Workstations Area
    • User_Workstations.png
  • Select the Olo API Workstation
  • Go to the Order Devices Tab
    • UWS_OD.png
  • Enable the Olo Expo device by checking it
    • UWS_API_OD.png
  • Uncheck the original Expo Printer
    • UWS_Olo_OD.png
  • Check all other workstation to ensure that none of them have the Olo Expo enabled.
    • UWSnotOlo_OD.png
  • Save and exit


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