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Part 4: Other Dashboard Tools

Once menus have been added to stores, there are a few more steps that should be completed within Dashboard, especially for brands that are integrated to a point of sale.

As mentioned during previous parts of the training, when you are first building out the menu, you should add the menu to your demo vendor so that the menu can be fully tested, before being added to live locations. The sections below will outline steps that need to be taken by POS integrated brands and by brands that are either on SSOS or those that are not integrated into a POS.

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For Brands That Are POS Integrated

Step 1: Run the Price Updater

Olo automatically runs the price updater for all POS integrated brands twice a day at 8:30 am & 3:30 pm EST.

But a Dashboard user is able to manually run the price updater for either a single store or across their brand at once if they would like to run it outside of the hours listed above.

Note: Stores need to be installed and Olo needs to be connected to the POS in order for pricing to pull successfully.


Step 2: Access the Mismatch Report

Once the price updater has run, either automatically or manually, you should, once again, take a look at the mismatch report to identify any mismatches that may need to be fixed. A mismatch could be caused due to a variety of reasons (which are highlighted within the Fixing Menu Mismatches article listed in step 3 below). The mismatch report can be accessed at a brand level or can be viewed for a particular store.

Note: Stores need to be installed and Olo needs to be connected to the POS in order for us to pull prices/mismatches. 


Step 3: Fix Any Mismatches

Since mismatches can lead to order failures, steps should be taken to correct any mismatches across stores.


Step 4: Run Basket Tests

In order to test the entire menu by emulating customer orders, you can run basket tests for each item that has been added to a store menu.



For All Brands, Regardless of Integration (POS Integrated or Non-POS Integrated)

1. Audit Menu Changes

As any given time, you are able to login to the Dashboard to see who may have been making changes either within the company menu or within the store menu. In order to view details, you must access the menu audit tool.


2. Displaying Calories

If calories have been added within the company menu and you would like for calories to be displayed on the front end, you would need to enable calories via Dashboard.



Now that you have covered Dashboard tools, click on the relevant links below to test your knowledge.

  • Click here if you have stores that are POS integrated
  • Click here if you do not have stores that are POS integrated


You have now successfully completed the menu training! If you have additional questions, the Menu Training FAQ may have the answers! If you have a question that you can't find answers to, reach out to us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Finally, please take a few minutes to fill out this survey, to provide us with your feedback on the menu training series!

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