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Duplicating Existing Products

Products that currently exist within the Olo company menu can easily be duplicated. Follow the steps outlined below to duplicate an existing menu item.

  1. Login to the Dashboard and click on Menus > Manage Company Menu.

  2. Locate the product you are trying to duplicate.

  3. Click on the "duplicate" icon on the product.

  4. Use the "Product Name" field to update the name of the copy you are creating (if you would like to). Use the "Internal Name" field to assign an internal name to the copy (this is recommended so that you can easily differentiate between the item that was existing in the menu against the new item you created). Refer to this article for examples of when the "Internal Name" should be used.

  5. Select the category that the new product copy should be added to.

  6. Make the appropriate selections under the "For product duplicated" section.

    • Copy product and inherit modifiers (share existing structure): Copy the modifier groups that are nested under the existing item.
    • Copy product only: Copy the product ONLY. Do not copy over any of the modifiers that have been assigned to the existing item.

    • Keep existing POS mapping for new product: Copy over the POS ID that has been assigned to the existing item.

    • Keep existing metadata for new product: Copy over any metadata that has been assigned to the existing item.

  7. Once the appropriate selections have been made, select "Duplicate product" at the bottom of the screen.

    The copied product will be available within the category you added it to. You can go in and make any edits to the new product you created, without affecting the product that was already existing within the menu.


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