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Why is my Store Being Deactivated on a Marketplace?

If you’ve received an email from a marketplace about your store being temporarily deactivated, you may be wondering why this happened. Deactivations are a proactive measure to reduce further order failures. Below are some causes and what you can do to prevent future occurences.

Deactivations may happen due to:

  • Menu item hours mismatch
    • The menu hours for specific items do not match between a marketplace & restaurant (i.e. an item only available from 4-10pm at your store is listed as an all-day menu item on a marketplace)

  • Vendor hours mismatch
    • The actual restaurant hours are different than the hours listed on a marketplace

  • POS and menu misconfigurations
    • The menu items configured in the POS don’t properly match with Olo menu items (i.e. “no croutons” option for a side salad was 86’d or not properly configured in POS but displays in online ordering)
    • The POS configurations for Rails aren’t applied globally
    • The menu is missing options
    • The menu data is incorrect
    • Menu mapping discrepancies

  • Connectivity
    • Internet issues
    • Firewall/anti-virus interference
    • Loss of power
    • The local service agent is not started or is blocked for some local reason
    • The store has turned off online ordering
    • Marketplace outages also occur when your POS goes offline intermittently or is disabled due to a temporary store closure
      • In events like these, we send availability signals to partners so they know to turn a store off, but sometimes, due to consistently high order failure rates, a marketplace may proactively take you offline to mitigate additional customer experience issues

  • Throttling 
    • Order throttling management
    • Marketplace orders can be subject to digital ordering capacity limits and may be blind to the existing queue prior to submitting an order
      • If you have a particularly busy store, you might want to consider adjusting their throttling settings to allow for more orders to be submitted

  • Rails configurations misconfigured
    • The Prepaid billing setting is missing

Here are some ways to troubleshoot these issues:

  • Mismatch review
    • Run mismatch report to ensure there are no issues between Olo and your database that could be causing Rails ordering issues

  • 86’d items review
    • Run an 86 report to understand which items were 86’d and may not have been removed from the marketplace
      • You can set up webhooks that alert them to these removals, but it’s always best to visually verify the item has also been fully removed

  • Ensure Olo is always online
  • Menu change notification
    • Communicate pricing or menu changes to the marketplace and Olo teams

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