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POS Outages Report

One of the most important things you can do to ensure you are maximizing the sales from your digital channels is to be sure your stores are consistently and reliably “online” for order acceptance. In fact, our data suggests that stores being in an “offline” state is the number one reason for lost digital sales.

Stores that are not consistently available will struggle to develop the loyalty and repeat business of eager customers, costing your overall Olo program both sales and reputation.

Stores are considered “offline” by Olo when:

  • In-Store Point of Sale Integrations (e.g. Aloha, MICROS 3700, etc): Olo’s in-store agent installed on the back-of-house server can no longer connect to Olo’s servers via the internet, for some reason (e.g. internet loss of connectivity, services shut down, firewall issues)

  • Cloud Point of Sale Integrations (e.g. Brink, Toast, etc): “Healthcheck” response to Olo by the POS Cloud provider instructs Olo that the store is unavailable for ordering

Olo offers several features to help you monitor the online status of stores. The new POS outages report in Dashboard will help you identify which stores may be having connectivity issues. We strongly recommend running this report on a frequent basis to help you maintain the highest uptime possible and make online uptime an ongoing priority within your organization.

Monitor trends and find abnormal stores using the POS Outages

Found on the Dashboard: Reports > Sales & Orders > POS Outages

We recommend checking this report at least weekly to ensure you know of any problems to solve in your overall store network. The downloadable report will provide you with a list of all stores that have experienced an outage, or an offline period, over the time period selected. Stores that have had 100% online time during the period will not show up in the report -- an empty report is therefore great news!

Stores that are currently offline will be listed at the top of the report regardless of the timeframe selected.  

For each store, a count of outages (distinct offline events) and the sum of outage time (in minutes) will be provided, as well as the Online % for the period selected. All calendar time is included in this offline % calculation since customers could possibly be scheduling orders at any time of day or night for the majority of Olo brands.

After the currently offline stores, stores are listed from worst to best for online %, meaning the top stores listed are the most in need of attention for improvement.

Example report


Many times a large portion of the Online % offline will be from one outage. If a store has a high count of outages, there may be something causing the connection to drop and reconnect in a disruptive pattern. This frequent Online/Offline status change pattern will be very disruptive to customers and should definitely be considered a behavioral red flag. There are a couple of troubleshooting steps that we've outlined in our Offline Stores Tab in Dashboard article
 that we recommend reviewing to bring the store back online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am searching for a time period in the past?  For example, if it is March and I am searching for dates in January, what does it mean if it says the store is “Currently Offline”?

The outage data and Online % you see will be for the time period in January you selected. But the online/offline status listed in the report is real-time. Any stores that are offline at the time you run the report will show at the top. 

Why do I see fewer stores than the brand has active?

If the store has no outage data at all, it will not show up in this report. In fact, the best version of this report you could pull would be a blank report, meaning all stores were 100% online for the time period selected.

Should I see stores in Removed status?

Only if the store has had an outage. If a store has been removed for a long time, and yet there is an outage being reported, something is not quite right. The store should be investigated to see why it is attempting to connect to Olo even though it has been removed.  If the store was removed recently, the outage data is valid.


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