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Folder View of Modifier Groups Using Metadata

(Examples: Olo Menu Entrees (Penne Pasta), Olo Menu Sandwich (BYO Sandwich), Olo Menu Pizza (Pizza Wing Combo)  )


The Horizontal Folder/Tab view allows for a new product flow by adding the ability to present multiple modifiers in a single view while reducing long scrolling menus. Besides the reduction of linear menu scrolling, Horizontal Folder Views could allow for better order accuracy as the customer is easily able to review the product with ease.


Step 1. Create a New Modifier Group


  1. Enter a customer facing description, optional internal description, optional explanation text for the modifier group, and select the appropriate settings based on the number of choices presented. Hit “save” to create the modifier group.



Step 2. Create one or more modifier choices. (One choice will nest the folders, additional choices can offer other options or additional folders).


  1. Under the new modifier group, enter a modifier choice that customers can select on the front end. This choice will contain the desired folders to be created in Steps 3-5.












Step 3: Create new modifier groups based on the desired folder headings. These are to be “Nested” within the “Modifier Choice” created in Step 2.



  1. Create new modifier groups following the process for “Adding a Modifier” (



  1. The modifier choice of the new modifier group will be the heading that appears as the name of the folder on the front end.


  1. For each of the new choice modifier groups, add a choice modifier. The Modifier Group name, as well as the Choice Name, are typically named the same for consistency. Please Set quantity to “Single”.



(Example of Modifier Groups based on the folder view example above)



Step 4: Add Metadata Key/Value pair for each of the newly created modifier groups.


  1. Close out of the modifier group editing screen, and on the modifier group overview screen, click on the metadata tag icon



  1. Add Metadata Key “modgroup-formation-name” | Value “1st(the value entry should be the sequential number based on folder order. Repeat this step for each of the newly created choice modifier groups.





Step 5: Nest desired modifier group


  1. For each of the choice modifier groups, nest all of the modifier choices that should be offered to the customer.
  2. Example, under the “Toppings” choice modifier group, nest the modifier group containing the desired list of toppings.




Step 6: Add the newly built product to the store menu.


  1. Allow 1 to 3 minutes for the design update to be implemented.



Step 7: Test Test Test!!!


Follow Steps 1- 6 to achieve the below Product Flow.


Example of the Horizontal Folder Product Modifier Flow


































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