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Original vs. Refreshed Times in Dashboard Order Details

The original ETA for Dispatch order pickup and dropoff times are the estimates a Delivery Service Provider (DSP) provides during the quote submission process. The DSP provides, to the best of their ability, the estimated time for the pickup and dropoff portions of a delivery order, which is received by Olo, and relayed to the store preparing the delivery order, and the guest receiving it. Based on the DSP estimates, we fire the order to the POS so the food is ready when the DSP driver is estimated to pick up the food.


The refreshed pickup and delivery times are real-time updates to these original times as a delivery moves from 'Accepted' to 'In Progress'. Olo receives these updates as webhooks from each DSP, and the updated times could be earlier or later than originally estimated.

Variables that may affect these timestamps are:

  1. Traffic patterns
  2. Driver location in relation to the pickup location at the time of assignment
  3. Weather
  4. Driver Availability

A good indication of DSP arrival trends would be to compare the original time estimate to the final refreshed timestamp after an order has been delivered, a value known as Drift. We know late deliveries aren’t a great experience for your guests, but it’s important to know if drivers are arriving too early as well. This early arrival development could be a negative experience for your store operations, so be sure to understand the overall health of your delivery network. Speak with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) about Drift reports and how they can help your delivery operations.

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