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Release Notes - February 4, 2019



Added a new 'POS Timeout' error code allowing Ordering API integrators to identify when orders fail due to POS timeouts


Brands now have the ability to show suggested tips to guests on the checkout page for delivery orders


Brands now have the option to prohibit guests from using cash payments on split-pay orders


Aloha: Updated the receipt controls so brands can now add two linebreaks on checks to further separate information


Aloha: Updated Menu Admin POS mapping so that now the 'mod' is pre-selected instead of 'quickcombo' for improved usability


Brink: Added the option to disable availability changes on a menu during price updates


CBS Northstar: Added the ability to find Menu IDs when using the POS Menu Explorer in Menu Admin


Micros 3700: Updated the tip configuration feature to provide more flexibility around how delivery (or Dispatch) tip amounts are sent to the POS based on the brand's accounting needs


Revel: Updated the POS Mapping tool to copy barcodes instead of item IDs so it's easier to add POS references to menus

Bug Fixes:


NCR Silver: Custom fields have been truncated down to 255 characters to prevent text from being cut off by Silver's limit

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