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86 Availability Restoration (Temporary 86)

When setting a product or modifier to unavailable (also known as 86ing), users have the option of applying a permanent 86 or a temporary 86 with a scheduled automatic restore date. Automate restoration dates are helpful for items/modifiers that become unavailable but are replenished on a consistent basis.

Note for POS integrated stores: If you are not integrated to Micros, Silver/Silver Pro, or Treatware, items and modifiers need be 86'd within the Olo store menu. For certain POS systems, the Olo menu will respect item availability that has been indicated within the POS. The articles on Micros, Silver/Silver Pro, & Treatware go over how 86'ing works with each of those POS systems.


Feature Overview

When viewing Menu Admin from the vendor level, the in-line product/modifier button previously labeled 86 has been replaced with a (86) Availability label. Clicking this label will open a modal where users can choose to either permanently 86 an item/modifier, or 86 an item/modifier with a scheduled restore date.



Users can schedule a Return to Availability date a maximum of 3 months from the current date. In addition, scheduled 68’s will return selected items/modifiers to availability at 9 AM UTC (5 AM EST, 2 AM PST) on the selected date. All expiration times are set using a standard UTC calendar and clock.

Products/modifiers that have been 86’d at all selected stores will have an Unavailable (86’d) label in Menu Admin. If the selected product/modifier is 86’d at only some of the selected stores, an Unavailable (86’d) at some stores label will be present.


Clicking on either of these labels will surface details about which stores the product/modifier is 86’d at and the scheduled restore date.


To manually restore the product/modifiers availability, click the 86 Availability button and select/save the option that reads Restore item availability (un-86).



Overriding an existing restore date

If a manual un-86 request is initiated before the scheduled return to availability date, the item/modifier will return to availability immediately and the return to availability date will be nullified.

Overriding an existing 86

If an 86 request is initiated against a menu item/modifier that already has an 86 applied to it, the new 86 request will override the prior 86 configuration for that item/modifier (including the return to availability date).


POS Overrides

Stores that are configured to update item/modifier availability in Olo’s menu through an 86 action at their POS will have authority over an 86 action initiated through Menu Admin. For example, if an item is set to 86 on Monday, with a scheduled return to availability on Friday, an 86 action taken at the POS from a POS integrated store will override the temporary 86 immediately (and the item will be returned to availability).


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