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Viewing Dispatch support ticket details in Dashboard

Now you have the ability to view support ticket details for all tickets submitted through the Dashboard for any DSP complaints or refund requests. Along with viewing those details, you will also know whether a support ticket was approved or rejected. This can all be found in the Dispatch Support Tickets section under the newly designed Order Details page on the Dashboard.

The new Order Details page can be accessed by selecting any order and clicking the New Order Details link on top right.

  1. Select any order through the homepage or the orders section to view order details.

2. Click on the New Order Details link to get to the newer version.

3. Once the ticket is solved by the support team, you will be able to see details in the Dispatch Support Tickets section added to the Order Details page.

Here are the different fields you'll see in section:

Submitter’s Name

Name of the person who submitted the ticket.

Ticket ID

Support Ticket ID; this is used by Olo and DSP to troubleshoot disputes

Close Date

Date when the support ticket was resolved

Resolution: approved

Ticket was approved for a refund by the DSP

Resolution: rejected

Ticket was rejected for a refund by the DSP

Resolution: <blank>

Ticket is waiting resolution from the DSP


If the resolution is approved, you will see additional fields related to the refund request:

Refund Order Subtotal

This denotes that order subtotal was refunded

Refund Delivery Fee

This denotes that delivery fee was refunded

Refund Tip

This denotes that the tip was refunded

Refund Other

This denotes that the DSP didn't identify the refund cost in a specific section



  • Refund amounts will only show up if the resolution is Resolved.

  • All support tickets will show up under Order Details as long as the Order ID is attached to the ticket. This means any tickets submitted outside of Dashboard will be shown in the section if an order ID is provided in details.

  • Ticket changes by Dispatch support don't reflect instantaneously. There is 24-hour delay.

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