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Basket Testing & Troubleshooting Invalid Basket Tests

Running a basket test for a product is a great way to ensure that the product (and any associated modifiers) have been mapped correctly within the Olo menu and that if an order were to be placed for that item, it would get sent down to the POS successfully. Basket tests essentially emulate an actual order being placed for a product by validating the basket contents with the POS. Basket testing is applicable for menu items that are built out specifically for Rails marketplaces as well.

Anytime a new product is built out, the best practice is to add the product to your demo/test/lab vendor on Olo, and run several basket tests, prior to adding the item to live store locations. Refer to the note section below, for the reasoning behind running several basket tests for an item.


Running a Basket Test

  1. Log in to Dashboard via

  2. Click on Settings > Store Settings > Make a Store Selection > Confirm Store Selection


  3. Click on POS Settings and select the Basket Tester tab


  4. By default, the basket tester is set to test items that are being used by the branded ordering channels. If you would like to basket test a menu being used by External Ordering Partners (i.e. Rails partners), update the Basket from External Ordering Partners (EOP)? field to Yes.


  5. Each category that has been added to the selected store will be displayed on the Basket Tester tab. Click on the "+" icon next to the category name to see the products listed within the category.


  6. Select a product and click on the Test Basket option.


    You can also select multiple products, an entire category, or multiple categories to test. However, if a large number of products are selected, the basket tester may run slightly slower.

Note: If there are multiple modifiers nested under a product, the basket tester tool will pick a random selection of modifiers, based on the min/max that has been set for the modifiers, every time the basket tester is run. Therefore, it is always best practice to run the basket tester tool multiple times for products that have nested modifiers.


Troubleshooting Invalid Basket Tests

As you are basket testing, if you receive more than five invalid basket test errors in a row, the store may go offline. Outlined below are various ways to go about troubleshooting invalid basket tests.

  1. Ensure that store hours have been set up.

    Make sure that store hours have been set up for the store you are using to basket test. Refer to this article, if you would like instructions on setting up store hours. 

  2. Double-check that the item and its modifiers are actually mapped to a POS ID.

    Ensure that the item(s) you are testing is mapped and that any nested modifiers are mapped as well. Anytime an item or modifier is not mapped, you will see N/A appear within parenthesis, next to the item or modifier, implying that no mapping has been added.


    Add the correct mapping and click on "Retry Basket" to re-run the basket tester for the exact item combination you tested previously. You can also click on "Test Basket" to run the basket tester for a new combination of the item.

  3. Ensure that all of the POS ID's the product and its modifiers are being mapped to are actually available within the POS database of the store you are testing.

    Although items and modifiers are mapped, there is a chance that those ID's do not, in fact, exist within the POS of the store you are running basket tests at. Ensure that those ID's exist within the stores' database.

  4. Make sure that the POS is online and connected.

    Click on the "Overview" tab and check on the health of the POS. Make sure that all of the statuses are green in color. If any of the statuses have turned red, refer to this article to troubleshoot the issue.


  5. Refer to the POS errors being returned.

    If you are integrated into Aloha or Brink, the basket test will return helpful details about the error, making the troubleshooting process easier. Pay close attention to the error codes that are returned.


    The articles below list out error codes related to some POS types:
    a. Aloha
    b. Micros 3700
    c. OloCloud

If you would like further information or assistance, please open up a Support Ticket and our team will get back to you!

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