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Release Notes - December 10, 2018



Added a new field to our POST/users/authtoken/faves endpoint to allow users to tag a favorite order as a default favorite for those using our API for a custom front-end


Updated to show order details correctly in all resolutions, starting from 800x600


Updated Olo-based mobile apps to display the coupon name and description when it's applied to the basket


Added the ability to duplicate menu items on the company menu via a new icon next to items displaying options the editor wants to include


Added the option to save gift cards on file for Olo-based mobile apps


Made the mobile app upsell view a popup modal allowing users to easily navigate back on iOS if needed


Updated our mobile apps to support new iOS devices that have a notch at the top of the screen (iPhone X and newer)


Brink: Updated the way the order timestamp is validated in order for Brink's 'special promotions' logic to run effectively on ASAP orders


Brink: Now optional to send in-house delivery fees to checks as variable cost items, rather than utilizing the auto-applied Brink delivery fees


Toast: Updated handling of modifier quantities to send each modifier individually in the preferred Toast format to prevent potential order failures

Bug Fixes:


Aloha: Improved handling of error messages shown to guests when an item-specific error occurs in multiple nested levels

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