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Submitting a Dispatch Support Ticket Through Dashboard

To make troubleshooting and disputing easier, support tickets can be submitted via the Dashboard directly.

To access this on Dashboard:

  • Enter your order number or click on an order from the homepage

  • Go to the Order Details

  • Click Report Dispatch Issue


To submit a ticket, click on Report Dispatch Issue. This will open a window with pre-populated order details. Select the appropriate issue type and provide a description in the text box. Once you submit a ticket you will see the following screen and email will be sent to you with details.

Detailed issue type reasons.

You can track the ticket number by visiting the order again.


What happens after you submit a support ticket?

The person who initiated the ticket submission through the Dashboard will get an email confirmation. The Olo Support team, along with the Delivery Service Provider (DSP), then investigates the issue and might reach out for more information. The communication is handled via the email with all the parties copied on the thread.

If the DSP approves the refund request, then the Olo Support team updates the internal status of the ticket with the refund amount for one or more fields:

  • Refund Order Subtotal, Refund Tip, Refund Delivery Fee, Refund Other.

Starting Q1 2019, you will also be able to view support ticket details in Order Details as well.

How does the Store/Corporate get the refunded amount back?

The amount approved by the DSPs is added as a credit in the monthly invoice paid by the store or corporate entity (dependent on the invoicing setup). You can find the details by logging into the Dashboard under Payments > Invoices

The information with the credits can be either exported to excel or downloaded in a pdf format

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