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POS Mapping in Company Menu Admin

Company Menu Admin allows you to build new menu products and modifiers for the online menus displayed to customers. It also provides a way for you to input the POS values needed to enable POS integrated online ordering.


POS Menu Viewer

The POS Menu Viewer (found at the top right-hand corner within the Company Menu) allows a user to browse the POS database for a specific store. For some POS systems, this data includes the structure of products and modifiers assigned to those products. For others, it simply allows you to find the products or modifiers from the database, without illustrating any linkages. This behavior depends on the POS system and the way that data is stored.

To use the POS Menu Viewer, 

  1. Enter a specific store location (as you type, a drop-down list will present store locations; select the store location you wish to use)

  2. Type in the name of a menu item, or the POS ID for a menu item (once again, make sure to select from the drop-down list)


This tool allows a user with Company Menu Admin access to find the POS IDs necessary for menu mapping between Olo and the POS. If the desired store is not found, or POS menu data is not found, it may need to be loaded into the Olo system. You can run the Price Updater to retrieve the menu data and try again.

If you are in the Company Menu, but unable to locate the POS Menu Viewer, submit a ticket to the Menu Team via the Help Center.


Menu Mapping Inputs

Menu Admin allows a user to select the entity “Type” and input the “ID” for any product or modifier on the menu. 



Copy/Paste from the POS Menu Viewer

Menu Admin allows a user to copy/paste the IDs required from the POS Menu Viewer to the input fields**. This operation makes the menu mapping process easier and faster, and also ensures that the inputs are entered in the correct format. Using the copy/paste is not required, but it is a helpful shortcut in many cases. Please note that the copy/paste controls built into the page must be used. Keyboard shortcuts like Control+C/V will not copy the values or allow you to paste.


NOTE: This feature currently cannot be used when mapping to a few of the newer POS systems. Reach out to if you need additional details on whether you would be able to use this tool with the POS system you are on.


Mapping Modifier Groups

Entering the menu mapping for modifiers is often the most complex part of POS menu mapping, particularly when the menu utilizes nested choices (i.e. choices that depend on a previous choice by the customer). The individual who maintains the POS database on your end will be most familiar with the product and modifier data structures and thus is likely the best person to complete the menu mapping portion. The articles listed below, with instructions on mapping to various POS systems, has detailed instructions on mapping modifiers. Reach out to the if you have further questions.


Mapping Documents Based on POS

Aloha: Basic Menu Mapping Instructions

Brink POS Mapping Instructions

CBS Northstar: Menu Mapping Instructions

Focus: Menu Mapping Instructions

Micros [M3700]: Basic Menu Mapping Instructions

Micros: Combo Meal Mapping

OloCloud: Menu Mapping Instructions

POSitouch: Menu Mapping Instructions

Revel: Menu Mapping Instructions

Simphony: Menu Mapping Instructions

Toast: Menu Mapping Instructions

Treatware: Menu Mapping Instructions

Xpient: Menu Mapping Instructions


Helpful Tips for Testing Mapping

After mapping your menu, it is a good idea to submit several test baskets to confirm that all inputs are being accepted properly by the POS system. This article on basket testing will walk you through a helpful tool that is available within your Dashboard, that will help you test each item available within your menu. It is also best practice to check the mismatch report and resolve any mismatches that are showing on the mismatch report.


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