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MICROS POS: Reference Entry not printing on checks or chits


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Special instructions and guest names are not printing on guest checks, receipts and/or chits.


This is a known RES API bug that Oracle has resolved in current versions.  This document explains the only known workaround other than upgrading to the latest RES POS version.  The solution is to change the print class linked to the condiments with reference entry to print in black (not red).  This could be for Special Instructions, Guest Names, Custom Field, Curbside Make, Model or Type.

Step 1:

Determine the MICROS menu item or condiment object number that is being used for typed entry on the Olo ordering site.  These are listed under the Store Settings/POS Settings/Configuration in the Olo Dashboard.

Save these menu item or condiment numbers for step 2.


Step 2: 

Login into your micros POS system's POS Configurator.  Go to the Sales/Menu Items button.  Locate the menu items or condiments from Step 1 in the Menu Item listing.  Determine which micros Print Class these items or condiments is assigned to. 

Save this print class number for Step 3.

Step 3:

Open the print class area of POS Configurator and navigate the print class from step 3.  Uncheck the 'Print in red' option and save this change.

Step 4:

Reload your micros database via the MICROS Control Panel.  Once this has been completed, send another test order including reference entries to ensure the solution was successeful.

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