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Release Notes - November 12, 2018



Added the ability to view, and agree to, delivery service provider's terms & conditions directly in Dashboard so brands can begin using them for deliveries


Added the ability for brands to assign a toxic label to any products or modifiers that have potentially harmful ingredients (Prop 65 support for California restaurants)


Mobile apps now let users auto-continue to the next step in the ordering process for products with only one level of modifiers, reducing the number of clicks required to place items in their basket


Mobile apps now have a required minimum font size for all text


Micros 9700: Added discount support for Olo coupon codes


Micros 9700: Added support for Rails


OloCloud & PDQ: Launched an Olo traffic logging mechanism to make troubleshooting issues between Olo and Cloud POS system responses easier


Toast: Updated authentication token handling for integration in preparation for Toast API changes

Bug Fixes:


Orders with multiple deliveries now see the appropriate delivery address for each portion of the order


Fixed a bug causing order information inaccuracies when a user changed the handoff mode from Dispatch to another option

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