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Offline Notification Settings

Dashboard users with access to Brand Settings have the ability to setup notification emails that will automatically be sent whenever a POS connection issue occurs resulting in a disconnect. This information can help you address service disruptions as soon as they happen to reduce the likelihood of failed orders and unhappy customers. To set up these notifications:

1. Log in to Dashboard

2. Select Brand from the left-hand side of the Dashboard

3. Click on Brand Settings from the Brand drop-down

4. Under the General tab, you will see the area labeled Offline Notification Settings

5. From here you have three options related to POS connection issues

  • Offline Reminder Delay: Set a notification delay (in minutes) after a POS has disconnected

  • Number of Reminders: Choose the number of additional reminders to send after the initial notification. Leave this field blank to receive no additional reminders.

    • Example: Setting a delay of 30 minutes under Offline Reminder Delay and entering a value of 3 under Number of Reminders will send reminders 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes after a POS has disconnected. 

    • Entering a value of 0 will continue to send reminders indefinitely 

    • If you have offline notifications set to only send during business hours, these will not send outside of these hours. 

  • Send Offline Digest: Want to receive a daily email summarizing any disconnected stores? Check Yes in this box enable this feature

6. Fill in both fields with your chosen information and choose if you'd like to receive Offline Digests everyday 

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