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Aloha POS: Coupon Setup and Discounts for Online Ordering via a Comp


Technical Teams, Account Managers, POS Administrators

Description of Issue:

There is a need to set up a Coupon on Olo or to allow the brand or Loyalty Partners to leverage the discount.

In Aloha POS, set up a Comp (known as an Open Dollar Comp).



  1. Navigate to Maintenance > Payments > Comps
  2. Specify a Record ID (Olo will use this Record ID to pass down the calculated or specified amount to Aloha POS.)
  3. Choose "Prompt for amount" on the Comp, which indicates POS will prompt for the comp amount when it is applied.
  4. Flag "allow before items ordered.
  5. Consider "maximum amount" and "manager needed" flags.
  6. Be sure to apply to "all items" in the database on the Eligibility tab.
  7. Save, refresh Aloha POS. 


Configure your Discount on the Olo side as desired and reference the record ID with a preceding "c" as the POS Reference, i.e., Record ID 123 would use the reference "c123".



Aloha POS will enforce whatever security you have configured on the Comp in terms of whether there is a manager required or not. Be sure to set up the Comp in a way that the interface employee has access to both apply the comp or delete it.




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