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How to use WalkMe

What is WalkMe?

WalkMe is a tool that shows you how to use certain Dashboard features through a series of helpful interactive guides and tips. Read more about WalkMe in this overview article!

Where do I find WalkMe?

After logging in to Dashboard, you will see a *NEW* Interactive Guidance button in the header.

Clicking on this button will bring up a list of all walkthroughs that are available. You can either scroll through the content or use the search box and type in a keyword.  

Once you’ve selected a walkthrough, it will launch a series of interactive steps that guide you through the function.


What WalkMe content is available?

As of October 2018, we have several walkthroughs that are live in the Dashboard.

  • Edit Store Settings:

    • Adjust basic store settings

    • Edit payment details

    • Edit store hours

    • Edit delivery hours (available for brands who have delivery enabled)

    • Edit Dispatch hours (available for brands who have Dispatch enabled)

  • Manage Orders

    • Cancel an order

    • Issue a full refund

    • Issue a partial refund

  • Menu Image Manager

    • Menu image 

  • Reporting

    • Generating sales & order reports

    • View my orders

    • Run a report

We’ll be continually adding content to WalkMe so be on the lookout for new walkthroughs in the coming months. Announcements will be made via the Take 5 emails and through Dashboard banner notifications when new content is live.


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