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Best practices for managing menus on Rails

If you’re a brand with stores on Rails, be sure to review the best practices and frequently asked questions below regarding updates and changes to store menus. This information will help ensure your menu works as intended on third-party marketplaces.



  1. As a store operator, how do I make changes to my menu?
    The answer depends on the level of access a store has been granted by corporate. If stores have access, they are able to access Olo’s Menu Admin and make changes to the store’s menu. Stores can perform actions like 86 items, remove items, add new items (as long as they are on the company menu), set up hours of availability for items, etc. If stores do not have access, there is then a process by which stores follow to communicate desired changes to corporate.

  2. Can my store have different menu items than other stores?
    Yes. It is possible that a store has items on a menu that another does not have. It is common to see this in menus that offer regional menu items that may not be applicable to all stores. It’s important to note that stores do not have the ability to create new products. They can only add or remove items that the corporate team added to the Master Company menu.

  3. What is 86ing and how do I use the function properly?
    To 86 an item means to temporarily remove it from the menu as a way to denote the item as ‘out of stock’.  It is very important to remember that after you 86 a product or choice, you will need to un-86 so it goes back to the live menu. More details can be found
    here. If you leave an item as 86’d indefinitely, partners ingesting your menus will have to ingest the 86’d items but also ensure they remain 86’d. This causes unnecessary updates on a marketplace partner’s end, increasing the risk of order failure. If your goal is to remove the item completely from your menus, more details can be found here.

  4. When does Olo recommend a store/brand make changes to its menu?
    Because of Olo’s system updates in the middle of the night (typically at 4 am EST), we recommend changes be made between a store’s closing time hour and 3 am EST.

  5. How often should I make changes to my menu?
    Every store is different. Some stores change their menu every day while others rarely change their menu.

  6. How do marketplace partners know when my menu changes?
    Olo has an API endpoint in the Vendor Export that lets a marketplace know when a store or brand’s menu was last updated. We are currently thinking through ways of allowing our marketplaces to know in real time when a menu changes.


Available tools for Marketplaces on Rails

The following are recommended tools that Rails marketplace partners can take advantage of in order to receive the most up to date information regarding menu changes.

Store Action

Olo Tool Recommendation

Change Menu Price

API Endpoint

Add to Menu

API Endpoint

Remove from Menu

API Endpoint

86/68 Item


Disable POS


Change Store Hours

API Endpoint

POS Maintenance


Menu Item Availability

API Endpoint

Optional v. Required Modifier

API Endpoint


Upcoming Initiatives

Menu Filtering: Brands can create a separate Rails menu, as well as exclude certain items from Rails.

Reports: Provide more robust reporting to brands to highlight the current issues affecting a brand’s menu.

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