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Brink POS: Auto Added Modifiers

Since the last Brink version roll-out auto added modifiers behave differently through the ordering API. Steps are needed to prevent Olo order failures.

Brink POS has a configuration where the standard ingredients for an item can be added to the check automatically. On the POS this can be deleted and changed. For example: on a cheeseburger, Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce and Tomato can be added automatically to the item. If there are other choices allowed, these modifiers can be changed. On the Olo menu, these items can be pre-selected and a change of that modifier can also be allowed.


Potential Problem
This configuration can cause an issue if the Modifier Group being used has a maximum choice setting equal to the number of auto-added modifiers.
Example: Cheddar Cheese is auto-added and the Cheese Modifier Group has a set maximum of 1. In Olo, it will be set up the same way, Cheddar Cheese will be pre-selected and a maximum of one allowed for Cheese Choices.


The problem now is that Olo will send Cheddar Cheese, (or another choice), and Brink will still believe it needs to auto add a choice, and so, create an error, "1 too many items from the Cheese Group". This causes the Olo order to fail.

There are two ways to solve this. 

-The maximum can be raised on the Modifier Group in Brink but still stay limited in Olo. Sometimes this isn't desirable in the operation of the store. 

- The other method is to create a new "Sub" type modifier code in Brink.


Leave the Abbreviation field blank so nothing will be printed on the kitchen chit. Make sure the Type is Sub and Applies To is set to Both. This Modifier Code Id must then be added to all of the modifiers in that group in Olo in the last position.


This will now be processed by Brink POS as a substitution and so avoid the error of too many choices being ordered.


DB 8.17.18

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