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Catering Pack Slips

Pack slips are printable formatted order summaries specially designed for in-store catering operations to check off assembly of larger order for handoff to delivery person.

Generating Pack Slips

Proceed to Pack Slips within Catering Settings:


Once selected, you will be prompted to choose a location. You cannot print pack slips from more than one location at a time. Once your location is chosen, you will be prompted to choose from the following options:


Generate multiple pack slips by time frame allows you to preview all orders within that date range and then select which orders you want to generate pack slips for. If you already know the Order ID for the pack slip you are trying to generate and only need it for that one order, you can enter the Order ID on this page generate the Pack slip from here.

Once you select “Generate Pack Slip”, you will receive a Store Copy and Customer Copy identical to each other.


Customizing Pack Slips

The following categories can be customized for your Pack Slips:

  • Food Message
  • Beverage Message
  • Custom Message

You can navigate to these customize options by selecting Settings within the Catering category.


To enable pack slips for your brand please contact your Customer Success Manager. 




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