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Catering Prep Sheets

Prep sheets are a printable formatted aggregated report of items for all orders within selected timeframe, used by production team at store to prep food for catering orders. 

To create a Prep Sheet, please select “Prep Sheet” from the Catering drop down:


Once you navigate into Prep Sheets, you will be prompted to select a location for the prep sheets you are creating. Once you select the store, you will be taken to the following screen where you can select the date range, categories, and formatting of prep sheets.



Category Page Break

Divides each category on it’s own page so that prep sheets can be viewed per category.

Preview Orders

Shows the following order details within selected date range:

  • Order Id, Type, Time Placed, Time Wanted, Vendor, Ordering Provider, Ext. Ref., Ext. ID, Status, Customer Name, Customer Phone, Subtotal, Tax, Tip, Total
  • You have the option of exporting this information into an excel by clicking on the “Export to Excel” button.


Generate Prep Sheets

Prep Sheets are formatted by Menu Item and Menu Modifier Name and will include the date range selected for the prep sheet in addition to the date the prep sheet was generated. Prep Sheets are not customizable outside of the page break option and category selection. 


Generate Summary Sheet

You also have the options to Generate a Summary Sheet to view all Prep Sheet items in the given date range. This sheet is also not customizable.


To enable catering prep sheets for your brand please contact your Customer Success Manager. 

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