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Silver & Silver Pro (SPRE) FAQ's


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This article is iterative and lists the most common FAQs we get from brands that are using Olo with integration to Silver/SPRE (SPRE = Silver Pro).


1. Do my guests get charged tax from Olo or from POS?

  • With SPRE version 3.10+, POS is the final authority on charging tax thru a function called "Tax Validation". The tax that shows in Olo during the process of building a basket is called an "Estimation". Once moving on to Checkout, SPRE responds with the correct tax according to the rules in SPRE.
    • Enforced in Olo with the Configuration Value UseProFeatures=True

  • Silver does not support Tax Validation, which means the tax estimate becomes the official tax on Checkout for these orders.

2. Where does pricing in Olo come from?

  • If the automatic updater is on, Olo pulls prices from the POS that are initially shown to the guest while building their basket.

  • Pricing articles:
  • If for some reason, the price reflected while building the basket is not the desired price, POS will send the correct price back to the guest on Checkout similar to the tax validation mentioned in Question #1.

3. Can I accept payment in-store with Olo or do all orders have to be pre-paid?

  • SPRE - Yes, you can accept unpaid orders that will be paid in-store. When your guest arrives, you will find the check in the POS on your tablet and apply payment. 
  • Silver - No, Silver only supports prepaid orders to be committed to POS.


4. What do I need to configure in Silver/SPRE to support Discounts from Olo?

  • Configure the following in your Discount in Silver BO:
    • Specify an external ID (Olo will use this external discount ID to pass down the calculated or specified amount to Silver/Silver Pro.)
    • Choose "prompted amount" for the Discount Type.
    • Select Applies to "Ticket".

  • More details found here.

5. How do I control printing in Silver/SPRE?

  • All print routing rules are configured in Silver/Silver Pro. Here is a helpful article if you need additional details. 

6. What does the POS Order Ready dot mean on the Silver/SPRE Dashboard?

  • Green means that the location from Olo is ready to process orders up to the Silver/SPRE server that can, in turn, be sent down to the store's local device (tablet). This "send of the order"  takes place once the tablet connects to their server over the cloud. 

  • Red means that the location from Olo is not ready to process orders up to the Silver/SPRE server that can, in turn, be sent down to the store's local device (tablet). Since the "send of the order"  takes place once the tablet connects to their server over the cloud, red indicates there has been a noted problem with the store connecting to the Silver/SPRE servers. This is usually ISP related.

7. What does Connected mean in the Dashboard?

  • Connected means that the as far as Olo is visible to Olo, the store/vendor's configuration is connected to the NCR Silver/SPRE server and has authenticated as a real store in their system. This is based on the configuration that is held in Olo that was provided by NCR. 

8. Why did my store get disabled automatically? 

  • Stores will get disabled automatically if an error is received back from POS 5 times consecutively without any successful requests.

9. Where will I see tips for Dispatch orders on my checks once they are in POS?

  • Tips will be passed down to POS as a pass thru item on the check (non-taxable is the term in Silver/SPRE) for Dispatch Orders. 

10. When I refund an order in Olo, will Silver/SPRE be updated automatically to reflect that refund?  

  • No. All cards are processed above the store and are indicated as "Paid" in POS. Therefore, POS cannot refund back to the credit card that was processed above store. As such, these are the refund options - be sure to consider reporting implications when deciding your best practices:

    • Option 1 
      • Refund in Olo which communicates directly with the processor, but not POS and will add funds back to the customer's card.

    • Option 2 
      • Refund in POS and give cash back to the customer (please get steps from NCR Support for this feature).
      • In this case, no need to process in Olo as that would credit back the customer's credit card.


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