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Aloha POS: Error 1B - (0xC006801B) - Invalid tender


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Description of Issue

Error 1B - (0xC006801B) 

2018-02-14 15:45:21.8345|2018-02-14 20:45:21.8345|INFO|COM error when committing order 114983981
System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0xC006801B): Exception from HRESULT: 0xC006801B

Caused by:


Invalid tender


Technical Explanation

For all credit card and gift card orders, Olo sends a tender ID through to the POS via a "mock" tender so that the order gets properly tendered in the POS. Olo can use one Tender ID for all Olo orders or can direct to unique tender IDs per card type (e.g. tender ID 100 for AMEX, tender ID 102 for Visa, tender ID 104 for Discover, tender ID 106 for Mastercard). These tenders need to be configured properly in the POS an order will encounter this invalid tender error. They should not be configured as "Credit Card" Type in Aloha or Aloha will attempt to send them thru EDC for authorization. This step is not needed since Olo processes the cards above the store. 


Correct the configuration of the tender in Aloha POS. It should be active, generic and not part of a Tender Group. If it is part of a Tender Group, then the Access Level assigned to the Olo employee has to have access to that Tender Group.


Note: If the check that receives this error has been reduced to $0 by rewards or for any other reason, and you get this error, it is likely that the "DefaultTender" needs to be configured in Olo for the store.


1) Confirm that the configuration of the Tender ID that was used on the check with the error is both "generic" and "active" in POS.



2) Confirm if Tender Groups are used, the Tender ID that was used on the check with the error is included in the group that is assigned to the Access Level linked to the Interface Employee. 




Access Level Configuration

Tender Configuration



This article assumes that the reader has experience building employees and tenders in Aloha's CFC. 

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