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Aloha POS: When Olo triggers a restart of Iber(qs) based on error from POS


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Description of Issue:

When Olo encounters specific behaviors from Aloha POS, Olo is written to trigger a restart of Iber(qs) to overcome the error and get Iber(qs) back into a ready state to process orders. 


Reasons IBER restarts:

  • We failed to login:  we retry once before failing
  • The COM interface isn't available
  • Any exception occurs when checking POS health:
    • In terms of health checks, there's no counting of errors before restarting, it's an immediate restart.
  • COM exception occurs when committing an order with an error between 0xC0068001 and 0xC0068118
  • COM exception occurs during Order Validation or Tip Adjustment and it's NOT one of these reasons:
  • InvalidTender = 0xC006801B
  • CheckIsClosed = 0xC006801C
  • TableActiveOnOtherTerminal = 0xC0068020
  • InvalidItem = 0xC0068021
  • InvalidOrderMode = 0xC0068023
  • UnavailableItem = 0xC0068026
  • InvalidModCode = 0xC0068027
  • ModNotAuthForParentItem = 0xC0068028
  • ModReqsNotMet = 0xC0068029
  • InvalidCompType = 0xC006804A
  • InvalidPromotion = 0xC006804B
  • InvalidComp = 0xC006804C
  • InvalidPromo = 0xC006804D
  • InvalidOrderNumber = 0xC0068086
    • Conditional: when adding memos or items to a check during the ordering process we retry on 0xC0068086, but not forever.  Therefore, for scheduled orders we retry 60 times every 3 seconds, if the order isn't scheduled then we retry 45 times with 1 second between each. If Aloha does not resolve the error at that point, we restart Iber(qs).
  • During many Aloha interactions, we retry on busy errors (0xC006804E) based on config using the IberBusyRetryAttempts and IberBusyRetryInterval keys.


See this article to learn what the root cause of the error is.

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