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Add/Remove Utensils from Orders

Dashboard users with Menu Admin access can update their menu and give guests the option to remove utensils from their to-go orders. In some cases, guests may want to use their own utensils at home and avoid wasting disposable forks and knives included in the bag.

If you would like to offer this option to your guests there are three ways it can be set up in Menu Admin. 

  1. As a modifier
  2. As an item
  3. As an upsell 

Added as a modifier under an item

Customers can pick a utensil option based on the item(s) they are ordering. And this modifier group can be reused under other products within the menu. To learn more about reusing modifier groups, refer to this article/video

Setup process:

  1. Once you enter Menu Admin, click on Manage Company Menu.


  2. Click to expand a category, to see all of the products under it.

  3. Click Modifiers next to the product you would like to add utensil options for.


  4. Click Add New Modifier on the left-hand side, to create a new modifier group with the utensil options.


  5. Add the desired customer facing description for the modifier group (ex. Utensils), an optional internal description for the modifier group, along with some optional explanation text. 


  6. Under How many modifiers can the customer select from this group?, make the appropriate selections based on the number of choices you want a customer to pick from your offerings within the Utensils modifier group.

  7. Hit Save at the bottom of the screen to create the modifier group.

  8. The new modifier group will appear on the left-hand side, under the item. Click Edit to be able to add modifier choices into the modifier group.

  9. Use the Name field to enter each of the utensil choices you would like to present to your customers (click Add Choice to enter each choice you type into the name field).

    Example of utensil choices: Add Utensils, No Utensils


    Note: If the Utensils modifier group is being added to a product that is already live within the store menu, be sure to go into Store Menu Admin and add the modifier group under the item to set it live. Refer to this article for more detailed instructions.

Added as an item within the menu

Customers can pick the number of utensils they would like with their order, or they can specify not to receive any utensils with their order. This setup is helpful when setting up utensil options as upsells as well (which is the third setup option)

Setup process:

  1. Once you enter Menu Admin, click on Manage Company Menu


  2. Click on the category you would like the utensil product to live under (you can also create a whole new utensils category and create each of the utensil choices as items under that category. Click here for more detailed instructions on creating a new category.

  3. Click on Add Product within the category


  4. Fill in the required customer facing name of the product, along with other appropriate fields as needed (product name examples: No Utensils, Add Utensils).


  5. Hit Save at the bottom of the screen to create each of the utensil products.


    Note: Be sure to add the category or products to the store menu in order for them to go live and be presented to customers. Click here for instructions on adding products to the store menu.

Added as an upsell

You can present utensils as upsells to the customer, so that the customer can make a utensil selection as they prepare to checkout with their order. For utensil choices to be added to the upsell tool, each utensil choice must be entered as a product within the Olo company menu, and then added to each Olo store menu in order for them to show up on the upsell pop-up. Click here to learn more about upsells. To setup utensils as an upsell, submit a request to the Menu Team with the information outlined below:

  • Brand name
  • Name(s) of Upsell Group
  • Item(s) that should be added to each Upsell Group

With the new responsive sites and on mobile web, if an image has been added to the upsell item(s) through the Menu Image Management tool, then the product image will appear above the item in the basket viewer. Product images on upsells are not supported on existing desktop sites, and therefore, if you would like to add an image to the upsell tool (only one image can be added), send us an image with the below specs:

    • Accepted file types: .png
    • Recommended dimensions: 300x189px
    • Required resolution: 72px
    • Background must be transparent

With the existing desktop sites, the upsell options will appear when the customer adds items to their cart and goes to checkout with their order. Once the customer makes a selection off of the upsell pop-up, that option will get added to their cart.

With the new responsive sites and with mobile web, the customer will see the upsell items in the basket viewer, as you can see in the image below.



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