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Silver Pro POS: Modifier Codes are supported for modifiers via Olo


Technical Teams, Account Managers, POS Administrators

Description of Issue:

There is often a need to use Modifier Codes when adding or removing of items from a parent item or product. 

Silver Pro (Silver Pro Restaurant) has a select set of canned/static Modifier Codes that can be used in mapping (via Olo's Menu Admin) a menu to accomplish adding/removing modifiers from a parent item or product. Since these are canned/static, they cannot be changed within the SPRE software nor in Olo.


1) Navigate to the Company Menu.



2) Choose the POS "Silver" so that you can see the mapping for this POS integration.

3) Navigate to the Category and Product you want to map a Mod Code for.

4) Navigate to the Choice Group your Modifier resides in and select Edit.


5) Choose the nested "Choice Modifiers" group that the removes and adds reside in.

 - notice that this layer (customize in this case) is mapped to "none"


6) In this example, "remove standard toppings" is the group we are navigating to. Click Edit to expand that group.


7) Click Edit on the modifier you want to map with a Mod Code.

8) Apply the appropriate Mod Code paying attention to the syntax that is visible within the brackets using this set of static Silver Pro Codes:

   1= No      2 = Add    3 = Light    4 = Extra    5= On the Side (OTS)


Not applicable to Silver. This only applies to Silver Pro Restaurants.

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