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POS: Vendor / store is not connecting to Olo (Traditional POS)


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Description of Issue:

Store/Vendor is not connected in the Dashboard and is a Traditional POS integration. 


This symptom exists under certain conditions. The solution is to resolve connection to Olo so that the store's local service can authenticate the vendor.

Steps to Resolve:

Confirm the following. At least one of these is likely the root of the inability to connect to Olo.

  • Confirm that the internet is functioning properly from the server.
    • Here is one way available on the web to check

  • Confirm that the firewall safelist is configured correctly.
  • Confirm that when entering in your browser, you get the following response.

    • This means you can reach Olo, but in fact, did not have permission to the URL.

    • That is ok, you should not have access thru this method, but this shows that the connection is possible.

    • This would mean that you cannot reach Olo at all:   

  • Username and password are correct for the vendor. You may need to reset the password.
    • If you reset the password, be sure the local Olo agent for your POS  or SSOS is stopped while doing this. 

  • Your local Olo Agent is started (name will vary based on POS or SSOS)   

  • If the agent is started and the store is still not connected, review the logs for clues.

    • These will not be available to you on the Dashboard due to not being connected so you will have to look in the Olo directory for the Logs directory to read them.

    • Sort by date modified so that you are looking at the most recent logs on top:

  • If you have no logs being generated, this is usually the root of the issue.                             

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