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Dispatch Coverage Report

Dispatch coverage is determined by the Delivery Service Provider (DSP) and so it can change as the DSP expands into new markets. You should regularly check your store's coverage to see if there are any changes. Through the Dashboard, you can check coverage for a single store or multiple stores. 

If you do not have permission to view the Reports tool, please ask your Olo Customer Success Representative or Dispatch Specialist for help getting access.

Pulling a coverage report:

  1. In Dashboard, navigate to the Reports section of the sidebar and select Dispatch

  2. Click Confirm Store Selection to select the store(s) to generate the report for

  3. In the Report dropdown, select Coverage Report

    • Some DSPs need to be manually entered into the Additional Delivery Service Providers in order to be included in the report. To pull coverage for these DSPs, add them to the field in all lowercase letters separated by commas.

  4. Click Generate Report

  5. Go to My Reports to download the generated Coverage Report 


Attached is an example of the Coverage Report. For each store, it contains the fields:

Dispatch Enabled TRUE/FALSE if Dispatch is enabled for the store
Coverage TRUE/FALSE if DSP coverage is available for the store
Coverage By If Coverage is TRUE, a list of DSPs currently available for the store
Additional Coverage Available If Coverage is True, a list of DSPs available that can be turned on for the specified store


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