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Aloha POS: Configure ATO and Olo to run simultaneously on the same machine


Technical Teams and Product Development

Description of Issue:

There is a need for ATO and Olo to run in tandem on the same environment. Specific settings need to be in place to prevent the applications from causing a restart of Iber(qs) on Alohaboh.


Configure both services to start with the same Windows user and configure ATO so that it does not start FOH (POS) on the BOH server.

Steps to Implement:

Run both services using Localsystem or with the same Windows user:

  1. Navigate to services.msc
    • Configure each service according to your preference of a shared user

   2. Configure to allow Olo to start Iber, (qs) as opposed to the ATO service 

  • ATO > Maintenance > Takeout Configuration > Takeout System Parameters
    • deselect Master capable
    • deselect Start POS interface  

  1. Refresh All Product Data

    4. Restart both OloAlohaService and Radiant Takeout Service.



  • Must have a license to run ATO
  • Must have Aloha Connect and one EIT to run Olo
  • There are often different nuances to an environment. These are general guidelines. Contact your TAM with concerns.
  • Article reference to service logins does not apply to Aloha 15.1 environments. 
  • ATO configuration applies to all Aloha and ATO versions.



This may resolve a behavior where you notice that Iber(qs) keeps restarting every 3-5 minutes on your BOH.


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