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Silver Pro POS: Print Timing in POS


Technical Teams, Account Managers, POS Administrators

Description of Issue:

Misunderstanding the timing print controls within Silver Pro can cause confusion when operators are expecting prep chits to print at a certain time and they don't. This can seem like an issue on the Olo side, however, once an order is committed to POS, Olo has no control over the order anymore.



The solution is to understand these key elements in Silver Pro BO > Store Options > Online Ordering.
  • 0 minutes means to print at 0 minutes before target time (exactly the pickup time)
  • 1000 minutes means print at 1000 minutes before target time, but based on when Olo fires. This option gives more control to the notion of maketime minutes and throttling when in use.


For either configuration to work, someone has to have logged into POS for the day (on the FOH) in order for the printing to happen. That login triggers Silver Pro BO to do pending work, which is where orders from Olo are stored until passed on to FOH. POS does sleep after untouched overnight so logging onto POS upon arrival at the restaurant is critical.


*** Additional questions should be routed thru the Silver Pro Support Team at NCR.

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