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How to Request Dispatch

Once a brand has established a Dispatch agreement with Olo and completed the necessary setup, please follow these steps to bring Dispatch delivery to your stores.

Step 1: Check

Confirm that your store has Dispatch coverage either by pulling a Dispatch Coverage Report or entering the address in the public coverage checker here.

Step 2: Request

Fill out your brand's Dispatch Activation Form to officially request Dispatch for your store(s). This link should be provided to you by your corporate team. If you don't have this link, please email to have it re-sent.

You will receive an email confirmation once you have submitted the Dispatch Activation Form.

Step 3: Enable

After 3-5 business days from receiving the Dispatch Activation Form, you will be notified via email that the Dispatch team has surfaced the Dispatch settings at your store. Dispatch will not be active at your store(s) until you perform this action in Dashboard:

Within Settings, select Dispatch Settings and toggle Dispatch On. Click Save.


Check that at least one Delivery Service Provider can deliver to your store, by selecting the link that says Which providers cover my location?



Congratulations, your store is now able to accept deliveries with Dispatch!

For a visual walkthrough, please watch our Webinar - How to Request Dispatch:

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