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Release Notes - June 12, 2018



Partners using our webhooks can now see details about the 'Login Provider' and 'Ordering Provider' for each order


Anyone using our 'Order Exports' endpoint will now be able to see details about the 'Login Provider', 'Ordering Provider', and the 'External Reference' of orders


Updated to allow Dispatch-only stores to list Dispatch as their sole handoff mode


Menu admins can now request to have images overridden for a particular menu item without having to first select 'Remove Image Assignments' and then reassign a new image


Now offers the ability to define the timeframe when an ASAP order can be picked up to prevent orders from being placed right before the store closes


Desktop Web: Updated the 'Invalid Future Date' error message to clearly explain that a customer has selected a date outside the advanced order window


Improved customer-facing messaging on failed balance inquiries for gift cards


PAR Everserv: Added support for Rails marketplace information to be sent to the POS


Brink: Now offers the ability to print customer phone numbers as another line item on receipts as needed


Call Center employees now need to complete all required fields to move forward in the ordering process

Bug Fixes:


Customers using Punchh and NCR Silver will now see the correct discount amount when a reward is applied

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