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Aloha POS: Error 26 - (0xC0068026) - Unavailable item


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Description of Issue:

Error 26 - (0xC0068026) - Aloha responds with a failed order with this error:

Error Details: Error adding item 'XXXXXX-NO DAIRY PLEASE' to check with id 74656567 - 
Error adding modifier with id 300000, group 12003, and modcode 0 -
Error adding modifier with id 321000, group 18002, and modcode 0 -
System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0xC0068026): 
  • XXXXXX = the Item record ID in the POS database.
  • "NO DAIRY PLEASE" is representing manually entered special instructions that have no bearing on this error. Focus on XXXXXX
  • Special instrucions are optional; therefore, you may not see them on all error responses.


Unavailable item



Technical Explanation:

This issue is caused by Olo attempting to commit an order that has an item on it that is no longer available in POS. This is often caused by items that have been set to "Unavailable" in POS after/since an order has been scheduled. 


Tuesday, an order is placed for a Steak with a Baked Potato for pickup on Friday.

When this order was placed on Tuesday, the database reflected that both the Steak and the baked Potato were available.

Since then, on Thursday, the restaurant ran out of potatoes and set all Baked Potatoes to Unavailable (using Aloha's Item Availability feature).

On Friday, when Olo attempts to commit the order to POS fails because Aloha has been configured such that the Baked Potato is "unavailable".

The response through Aloha Connect (COM) is the error code that ends in 26 when the scheduled order is fired to POS.


  1. Confirm the item has been replenished in-store
  2. Set to Available in Aloha's Item Availability feature.
  3. Run Price Updater in Olo

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