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Release Notes - May 16, 2018



Customers on the new invoicing system can now download an invoice spreadsheet providing more details on their billed services


Customers on the new invoicing system can now view invoices for more than 500 locations at once


Added a `back` button for better navigation after accepting orders in Dashboard


Updated the order submission logic to provide more accurate data for pick up and drop off times when users submit orders after a delivery quote has expired


Updated the 'Price Sync' icon in Menu Admin to better represent what the tool does


Mobile Web v2: Updated the Home and Menu pages with tags linking to the desktop site reducing the chance of customers getting a 302 redirect error


Mobile Web v2: Added branded 'Login' and 'Create Account' icons for third-party providers such as Facebook and Google


Mobile Web v2: Now customers can view their password to minimize the likelihood of entering it incorrectly


Mobile Web v2: Created a universal footer for mobile pages that always displays information in the same layout


Mobile Web v2: Added more spacing to disclaimers to improve readability


OloCloud: Added enhancements to payments details providing more information on gift card payments and credit card suffix numbers

Bug Fixes:


Mobile Web v2: Fixed a discrepancy where the order transaction script only pulled information from desktop, but not from mobile, to improve ecommerce tracking through Google Analytics


Mobile Web v2: Fixed an issue where customers could not successfully navigate to the checkout page for brands using a third-party login provider that didn't allow guest ordering


Users can no longer enter credit card numbers in the Delivery Address 'Other Instructions' field to protect that information

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