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Setting Quantity Requirements/Restrictions for a Product

A brand can set quantity requirements and restrictions for a product, in order to control the quantity of the product that a customer can order. A brand can fill out the minimum/maximum quantity fields, the quantity increment field, and the minimum/maximum basket quantity fields to define order requirements and restrictions.



Minimum Quantity: Fill in this field to define a minimum order quantity for the product. The default minimum order quantity within this field will always be set to 1.

Maximum Quantity: Use this field to define a maximum order quantity for the product. 

Quantity Increment: Utilize this field to set increments in which the product must be ordered in.

The numbers entered into the minimum and maximum fields are essentially used to control the order quantity that the customer can enter into the quantity field when placing an order (see image below). For example, if the maximum quantity was set to be 6 cookies and the customer were to enter 7 into the quantity field and hit "Add To Cart", they will be presented with an error message, prompting them to order only up to the maximum of 6 cookies.



However, based on the above example, having a maximum order quantity of 6 does not mean that the customer cannot add more than 6 cookies into their cart. The customer can keep adding cookies into their cart, based on the minimum and maximum quantities that have been set. For example, a customer can add 6 cookies into their cart 10 times, totaling in 60 cookies being added to the cart. In order to limit the quantity of an item that can be present in a customer's cart when the customer proceeds to checkout, the Minimum Basket Quantity and Maximum Basket Quantity fields (outlined below) can be used.

Minimum Basket Quantity: This field can be used to control the minimum quantity of a product that must be added into the basket for the customer to checkout and place their order successfully.

Maximum Basket Quantity: This field is used to define the maximum quantity of a product that can be added into the basket for the customer to successfully checkout and place an order. If a customer adds on more than the allotted quantity into their basket, they will see an error message once they hit "Proceed To Checkout", prompting them to reduce their total order quantity of the product to the maximum amount that the brand allows to be in the basket.


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