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Olo Orders do not Appear on Aloha Kitchen Screens

Olo and Aloha Kitchen

Audience: Technical Teams, Account Managers, Product Development, Brand IT

 Failure to register the ALOHAPOSKITCHENINTERFACE.DLL results in online orders not being sent to the Kitchen screens.

In an environment where the Aloha Kitchen Service is running, when a physical terminal or an Interface terminal first boots up in the environment, it will register the alohaposkitcheninterface.dll automatically. (located in Bin folder). Occasionally, however, this does not happen.

If all regular orders are going to Kitchen screens as expected, but online orders are not going to Kitchen, and there are no reroutes, events, or routing rules configured that would explain the behavior, then it’s likely this dll needs to be registered. Following is the instruction from NCR:

To manually register the interface, open up CMD (command prompt) on the terminal and navigate to the POS bin folder.  Then type in:


followed by:


Note: Replace %LOCALDIR% with the actual path to Aloha\BIN or AlohaQS\BIN if LOCALDIR is not defined in your environment variables.


  • Make sure you reboot after running these registrations command in Command Prompt.

In the case of an interface terminal, this must be done on the file server.


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