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Reusing Existing Modifier Groups & Duplicating Modifier Groups [With Video]


Steps to Reusing an Existing Modifier Group

  1. Enter the Company Menu via Menu Admin.

  2. Click on the appropriate category and find the product you would like to add an existing modifier group to.

  3. Click on "Modifiers".


  4. All of the available modifier groups that can be added on to the product are listed on the right-hand side, under the heading "Available Modifiers".


  5. Utilize the search bar on the top right-hand side to locate a specific modifier group that can be added on to the product. As you type, the modifier groups will get filtered, presenting you with the options you are searching for.


  6. To add on the appropriate modifier group under the product, click on the triangular "Add" button located on the top left-hand corner of the modifier group. 


  7. The modifier group gets moved under the product.


When adding an existing modifier group...

Ensure that the POS ID's for the modifier group and the modifier choices do not change under the new item. If you were to assign new POS ID’s to the choices after moving the modifier group under this new item, that change in POS ID’s will be reflected in all the places this modifier group is in use, thereby potentially causing errors when the customer goes to place an order once everything has been added to the store menu.


Want to remove a modifier group that was added on to a product?

Click on the triangular "remove" button at the top of the modifier group, and the modifier group gets moved back to the right-hand side.


However, if the modifier group is already in use by a product within the store menu, the modifier group cannot be removed from under the product until it is first taken off from under the product at the store level. It would need to be removed from all of the stores that are using it. Refer to this article for steps on removing a modifier group from a store menu, and refer to this article on removing modifier groups in bulk from multiple store menus and multiple items.


Steps to Duplicating a Modifier Group

  1. Locate the modifier group you would like to duplicate by utilizing the search bar.


  2. Click on the "Duplicate" button located on the top right-hand side of the modifier group.


  3. Edit the "New Group Description/Instruction" if needed. By default, the external description from the current modifier group gets copied over.


  4. Enter an internal description for the new modifier group. This field is required in order to be able to differentiate between the original modifier group and the new modifier group. Refer to this article for examples of internal names assigned to modifier groups.

  5. Make the appropriate selections under the "For modifier group duplicated" options


    • Copy choices only: Only copy the choices from the current modifier group, and avoid copying over any nested modifiers.

    • Copy choices and inherit nested modifiers (share existing structure): Copy both the choices and any nested modifiers from the current modifier group.

    • Keep existing metadata for new group: Check this box if metadata from the existing modifier group should be copied over.

  6. Make the appropriate selections under the "For choices duplicated" options.


    • Keep existing menu mapping for choices within the group: Copy over any POS ID's that have been assigned to the choices in the current modifier group.

    • Keep existing metadata for choices within the group: Copy over any metadata that has been assigned to the choices within the current modifier group.

  7. Once the appropriate selections have been made, click on "Duplicate Group".


  8. In the next screen that pops up, hit "Ok".

  9. The new group that is created gets added all the way at the bottom of the modifier groups that appear on the right-hand side. So scroll all the way down on the right to find the new modifier group.

  10. Click on the triangular "Add" button to add on the new modifier group to the appropriate product.


  11. Click "Edit" to make changes to any of the modifier settings or to make changes to the choices that appear within the modifier group. If changes are made in the "Modifier Settings" tab, make sure to hit "Save" at the bottom of the screen, to save any changes that are made. 



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