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Adding a Modifier Group and Modifier Choices [With Video], and Nesting Modifier Groups

Refer to this article for instructions on using the "Add Multiple Choices" feature.

See here for steps on nesting modifier groups.


TIP: If you are using our Rails product, we highly recommend setting up the menu as simply as possible, to help streamline the Rails onboarding process. And what constitutes a "simple menu"? A menu that does not include too many advanced/complex features such as modifier quantities, the folder/tab view, and input view. 


Steps for Adding a Modifier

  1. Enter the Company Menu via Menu Admin.

  2. Locate the product you would like to create a modifier group(s) for, and click on "Modifiers".


  3. In the next screen click on "Add New Modifier"


  4. Enter the external description or the customer-facing description of the modifier group.


  5. The internal description field is hidden, click on "Show/Hide" to enter an optional internal description for the modifier group. If you are creating a product specific modifier group, make sure to use the internal description field to label it appropriately (refer to this article to understand instances when an internal name should be used).


  6. Enter some (optional) customer facing explanation text for the modifier group.

  7. If modifier quantities need to be entered for the modifier group, select Yes under "Support Modifier Quantities" and refer to the article on Modifier Quantities for more information on setting appropriate modifier quantities.

  8. Under "How many modifiers can the customer select from this group?", make the appropriate selections based on the number of modifier choices that the customer can select.

    • Single: Customer must pick a single choice

    • Multiple: Customer can pick none of the choices, or pick a number of choices.

      • Unlimited: the customer can select none of the choices presented to them, or they can select as many options as they prefer, based on the number of offerings.

      • Set a limit: the customer can select a number of choices based on the minimum and maximum range that has been set by the brand (refer to the article on Modifier Quantities listed below to learn more about setting limits for the choices)

  9. Once all of the appropriate selections have been made, hit "Save". 


Steps for Adding Modifier Choices

  1. The newly created modifier group will be on the right-hand side. Click "Edit" to go back into the modifier group.


  2. By default, you will see a screen where you can bulk add modifier choices. Refer to this article if you would like to bulk add modifier choices to the group, or move on to step 3 below, if you would like to add one choice at a time.

    Multiple Choice View

    Single Choice View

  3. Use the name field to enter each of the choices you would like to present to the customer. Before clicking on "Add Choice", refer to steps 4, 5 and 6 below.


  4. If you are a brand that is not integrated to a POS, pricing can be entered under the "Price Adjust" field. If pricing differs for stores, pricing should be entered at the store menu level. For POS integrated brands, pricing will pull from the POS, so you do not need to enter pricing into the "Price Adjust" field.

  5. Select the “$0.00 Warning in the Store Menu” option if the modifier should not be allowed to have a $0.00 price on the online menu. If the modifier then has a $0.00 price within the Olo store menu, you will see a warning icon next to that modifier within the store menu. Click here to learn more about this feature.

  6. Enter the Base Calories and Max Calories for the choice (for more information on the calorie fields and updating calories, refer to the articles on calories listed below).

  7. Click on "Add Choice". Repeat these steps to add each choice you would like to present your customers with.


Steps for "Nesting" modifiers

In some instances, you may need to nest modifier groups under certain modifier choices, in order to present a specific ordering flow within the front end menu, or to meet POS or kitchen requirements. In the example below, customers are presented with the "Choose your salad dressing" modifier group when they make the choice of adding on a Farmhouse Garden Salad to their meal. The "Choose your salad dressing" modifier group is essentially nested under the Farmhouse Garden Salad choice.


When the Farmhouse Garden Salad is not selected, the "Choose your salad dressing" modifier group will not be visible on the front end menu to customers.

In order to nest modifier groups

  1. Click on "Choice Modifiers" within the modifier choice that you would like to nest a modifier group(s) under.


  2. You could reuse an existing modifier group and nest that under the option, or you could create a new modifier group by following the instructions within the Steps for Adding a Modifier and Steps for Adding Modifier Choices sections above.

As you are nesting modifier groups, just keep in mind that the more you nest, the more layers within the menu you would have to manage.


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There are multiple ways in which a menu can be built out within Olo Menu Admin, to present customers with varying product flows. Refer to this article to view a few demo sites that present product setups that you may be able to use within your menu.

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