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Adding a Product [With Video]


TIP: If you are using our Rails product, we highly recommend setting up the menu as simply as possible, to help streamline the Rails onboarding process. And what constitutes a "simple menu"? A menu that does not include too many advanced/complex features such as modifier quantities, the folder/tab view, and input view. 


Steps to Adding a Product

  1. Enter the Company Menu via Menu Admin.

  2. Under the appropriate category, click on "Add Product".


  3. Enter the customer-facing name of the product.

    Character limit: 128 characters

  4. Next, enter an (optional) internal name for the product (refer to this article to understand instances when an internal name should be used).

  5. Enter an (optional) customer facing description for the product.

  6. Fill in the short description section (optional) for a shorter description to appear on a smaller interface, such as that of an app or mobile web.


  7. Non-integrated clients can enter the base cost for the product, for brand consistent pricing throughout all locations (Note: pricing can also be entered at the store menu level). Integrated clients can skip this step since pricing will pull directly from the POS.


  8. The quantity fields can be left as is, unless you would like to specify quantity requirements for a product (for more information on these fields, refer to the article on Setting Quantity Requirements/Restrictions for a Product).


  9. Make the appropriate selection within the "Restaurants can change base cost?" field.

  10. Uncheck any handoff mode that does not apply for the product (Note: handoff modes can also be controlled at the store menu level).


  11. Enter the Base Calories and Max Calories for the product (for more information on the calorie fields and updating calories, refer to the articles on calories listed below)

  12. Once the appropriate selections have been made, hit "Save".


Helpful Articles

Update Product Pricing

Setting Quantity Requirements/Restrictions for a Product

FDA - Bulk Display Calories

FDA - Guide to Updating Calories in Menu Admin


There are multiple ways in which a menu can be built out within Olo Menu Admin, to present customers with varying product flows. Refer to this article to view a few demo sites that present product setups that you may be able to use within your menu.

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