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Aloha POS: Validation Checks are cluttering AK and/or the Order entry Queue (QS)


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Description of issue:

Validation checks (with the customer name as “Do Not Make X”, where X is a value of 1-20) and they are totaled, but the font remains blue as an unsent order vs. black that indicates the application of an order mode (this is according to the Aloha POS standard, though brands do have the option to change the color schemes). The likely reason this happens is because of the routing is configured to automatically show on kitchen video screens while the order is in process. Aloha and integrated KDS systems are very customizable. For the purposes of this article, we will discuss Aloha Kitchen.

A validation check is a simulation of a literal cashier entering an order to get a total so they can tell the customer the amount they need to pay. Then, there is the possibility that the guest would say, no thank you. In which case, the cashier would clear the check without needing to "void" with manager access because the order was not sent with an order mode.  In cases where that last "clear" step is breached in the process, the validation check can remain on the POS as an unordered check. Since it is not "sent", it does not affect sales or cash at the end of the day, but it can clutter up a shared Order Entry Queue or KDS screens that auto-populate.



If your environment is experiencing this scenario in your Order Entry Queue or AK screens, there are some options to address the behavior:

  1. Suppress Aloha Kitchen from routing orders during order entry. You will need to reference your user guide for instruction on the management of this routing. The setting is "Immediate". 
  2. Set up (in Aloha) a Validation Queue (ID 20 or higher so it does not show on the FOH at all), Validation Employee and Validation "Training" Job Code for your TAM to configure for you on the Olo side. This will accomplish the following:
    • Put validation checks in a queue your cashiers do not see at all and they will clear with EOD.
    • Will not send immediate orders to the kitchen because orders built by a training job code do not go to the kitchen. 
  3. Find the root of the issue that is causing the validation checks to linger and resolve it. Some possible issues are:
    1. Interface Employee Associated Access Level
    2. Comps/Promos that are not working correctly for the interface employee.
    3. Timeouts from the POS side 



May be related to Aloha-POS-Unwanted-Automatic-Printing-of-Extra-Olo-Checks


Keywords: Validation checks, DO NOT MAKE, Aloha Kitchen, AK, KDS 





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