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Google Tag Manager Webinar

*Recorded on 4/19/18*

Olo’s Customer Success team hosted a Google Tag Manager (GTM) webinar to review several topics and talk about how GTM can be leveraged to update your website's tracking information. You can watch the video recording linked below and review the slide deck attached.


  • What is Google Tag Manager
  • How GTM works with Olo (desktop, mobile, app)
  • Overview of popular custom tags & Olo's transaction tag 
  • How to verify tags are firing  



Olo recommendation for GTM:

It is best practice not to use tags that require jQuery. Please make sure that your analytics tags use  `document.querySelector`instead. Otherwise, jQuery will need to be loaded by Google Tag Manager before your custom tags run. Please see the following article if you would like additional information regarding loading jQuery via Google Tag Manager:

Note: There is a missing bracket at the end of the code of the Facebook Purchase Pixel, shown at the 17:09 mark in the video. Please use the following code instead to ensure everything works correctly.

fbq('track', 'Purchase', {
value: '{{transactionTotal}}',
currency: 'USD'



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