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Preselected Modifiers

Just as the name suggests, preselected modifiers are modifier choices that are selected in advance under a menu item. To prove a little bit more clarity, outlined below are a few instances when preselected modifiers can be used for a menu item.

  • To indicate the listed ingredients for a product: The customer can then deselect any ingredients that they would not like to be included. For example, when the customer is ordering a wrap, all of the ingredients included in the wrap would be preselected, and the customer can add on more ingredients or take off ingredients as they prefer.

  • To indicate popular choices that customers frequently pick, which also makes the checkout time faster: For example, when a customer orders a Meat Lover's Pizza which they are able to customize, all of the popular toppings would be preselected so the customer can checkout faster with the item as is, if they like the preselected choices.

  • To promo choices that may not be high sellers: For example, if Cheesecake is being offered as part of a dessert selection under a combo item, but the Cheesecake option is not selling too well, it can be preselected to encourage the customer to purchase it.


Steps to Setting Up Preselected Modifiers:

  1. Navigate to the Company Menu via Menu Admin.

  2. Under Category, and then Product, click on "Modifiers" (skip steps 2 and 3 if your desired modifier group already exists).


  3. Click on "Add New Modifier" and enter the description and the internal description (if you prefer) for the modifier group.


  4. Under "How many modifiers can the customer select from this group?", make the appropriate selections based on the number of modifier choices that the customer can select, and hit "Save".

  5. Hit "Edit" under the modifier group, and enter the modifier choice(s). If you would like instructions on using the "Add Multiple Choices" option, refer here.


  6. To preselect a choice, click on the "make default" button next to the choice modifier.



When the customer goes to order, the preselected modifier(s) will appear on the website like this:

This screenshot is based on the new responsive design, also known as Serve. Preselected modifiers are supported in the current ordering sites as well.


If a brand were to use hidden modifiers for their products, then they would need to utilize preselected modifiers, since hidden modifiers must always be preselected in order to be sent down to the POS. To learn more about hidden modifiers, refer to this article on the Help Center.


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