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Hidden Modifiers

Dashboard users who have access to the Menu Admin can set up hidden modifiers for menu items. These will not be visible to your customers. You may want to utilize these in scenarios such as:

  • When the customer does not need to select a modifier for a product, but specific modifiers need to be sent down to the POS to meet mapping requirements
    • For example, a customer ordering a cheeseburger already knows that cheese is included in the burger, so they would not need to add it on to the burger. But to meet mapping requirements, when the customer selects a cheeseburger, the cheese modifier still needs to be sent to the POS.

  • To notify the kitchen of ingredients that should be included in an item
    • For example, when a customer orders a Meat Lover's pizza, the kitchen will receive the full list of ingredients that go on the pizza, for easier preparation.

Steps to set up hidden modifiers:

1. Navigate to the Company Menu via Menu Admin.

2. Go to the product you would like to create hidden modifiers for and click on Modifiers.


3. Click on Add New Modifier and enter a public description and the internal description (if needed) for the modifier group.


4. Under How many modifiers can the customer select from this group?, make the appropriate choices based on the number of hidden modifiers that will be entered and hit Save.

5. Select Edit under the new modifier group, and enter the modifier choice. 


6. For hidden modifiers to work, you must preselect the modifier choice. To do this, click the Make Default button to the right of the modifier choice.


7. Go back into Modifier Settings.

8. The Is hidden? option should now appear under the internal description. The key step is to click on the Is hidden? option, to enable hidden modifiers. Once the option is selected, hit Save at the bottom of to screen.


Note: Customers are able to see hidden modifiers on their final receipt, checkout page, and email confirmation. If a brand does not want the customer to see the hidden modifiers, the name of the modifier can be entered as a period or a space, or you could also use metadata to hide the modifier from the final receipt, checkout page, and email confirmation (refer to this article for the metadata option).

From the above example, instead of calling the modifier Cheese, we could have entered the modifier as just a period or a space to prevent specific text from showing up on the checkout page or final receipt. As long as the item is mapped correctly, its name in the menu does not matter. On the printed receipt, or on the checkout page, customers will see a period or a space instead of the hidden modifier name.


If the modifier was entered as a period, the customer will see the following on the checkout page:


If the modifier was entered as a space, the customer will see the following on the checkout page:


Hidden modifiers must always be preselected in order for them to be sent down to the POS when a customer places an order. To learn more about preselected modifiers, refer to this article on the Help Center.


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